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This website is not passing any judgement on involvement in criminal activity or otherwise. We are simply presenting the findings of our research and the conclusions we have made based on that research. 

This site contains all of our research and findings related to whom we believe is Hector Xavier Monsegur, or as most people know him..Sabu.  We have found the research and information collected to be very conclusive, but feel free to make your own opinion. We are not enforcing this information on anyone, we are simply presenting the truth as we believe it.

All of this information was gathered, organized and published over the course of months by a small team of individuals. We would like to remain secretive about our identities for obvious reasons.  Anyone wishing to contact us: post on Twitter with the hashtag #CEAXX and an email address. We will reply ASAP.

This research was done using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, open source intelligence, privately leaked chat-logs, information from Anonymous insiders, social engineering and other methods which we prefer not to disclose at this time. The majority of this information is freely available to the public for those who care to do the right kind of digging.
This page will be updated over the course of the next few days. Associates, Research and Uncovered have more information to be added. We just wanted to put this information up as soon as possible.

About: More information on who, why, what.

Associates: Info on a few individuals believed to be associated with the subject.

Uncovered: This is where the good stuff is.

Research: Download links to all our digital research files


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