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It’s been a few months now since the original release of this website and since then a lot of further information has come to light. Upon the public release of this information Sabu went to the ground for an entire month, beginning on the exact same day just hours later. His reappearance was not much of a surprise, as it has been a frequent public rumored (and secretly verified) that Sabu was identified, apprehended by the FBI and turned to an informant. Over the past several months, all of the original LulzSec member except Sabu himself have been arrested. Even though Sabu has been publicly doxed and completely owned on several occasions. You may be asking yourself, why is he still free? The answer is Intel. The longer he is “free” is the longer that the FBI and other LEAs can gather information on other hackers and move in for more arrests. Simple as that.

Besides Sabu’s rampant snitching and informing on this old friends, the Anonops IRC network has been hacked and rooted. Great news all around. Now if you have been paying attention to the information this website, you probably remember Sabu’s email address:
It turns out that is the same email address he used to register his AnonOps IRC nick. Coincidence? You decide.

Not only does that email address correspond with the majority of my work on this blog, but if you notice his IRC connections to other servers you will see that his domain names and hosts also match up with other information I’ve provided. ,, etc. Once again Sabu’s identity has been proven without doubt and again leading me and many others to believe more in his status as an FBI informant.

I will just sit back and enjoy the rest of my vacation and watch the mayhem unfold. There is no place like Cicily. Ciao.



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November 21, 2011 at 18:45

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  1. […] anonymous blog post from November done the box that Sabu had incited state’s evidence. His reappearance was not most of the […]

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