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The information in this site is presented as research and the findings from that research. All of the information published here is available to the public via the Internet and other Open-Source intelligence methods.

We wish to remain anonymous during our publications and releases for obvious reasons. We are not presenting this project for the fame or recognition. We did not do this to help the FBI or any other alphabet agency, as I’m sure they all ready have most, if not all of this information. We did this because there seems to be some confusion on the matter of who this man really is. Read over it and decide for yourself if the information given is enough for you to make an educated decision.

***UPDATE***  http://www.mediafire.com/?ybvwlw554znwhw9

The site is set up as follows:

Uncovered:  Personal details, pictures, email addresses, websites, etc.

Associates: People believed to be connected to the subject, including references to the connections and basic details of the association.

Research:   This page contains links to all of our collective research on the subject, associates and other miscellaneous subjects. The downloads and files include; text documents, pictures, Mind-Maps*, screenshots, links to outside websites, chat logs, Maltego** scans, other misc files.

Contact Us: Contact information for the Team. No specific names are given. Feel free to contact us with:
corrections, suggestions, more information, hate-mail, love-mail and the like.

* The Mind-Map downloads will require an application like FreeMind or XMind. Both are free.

** Maltego scans require Paterva Maltego. www.maltego.com Also free.


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August 16, 2011 at 20:57

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