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This page contains links to all research related files. These files include: mind-maps, maltego scans, image files, text documents, word documents, pdf files and other miscellaneous notes. All files are hosted on a third party website for security reasons. The files are organized in to section by type.
At the moment, only the ZIP file containing all files is available. When we have more time we will upload each file individually and add the links to the appropriate sections. Please mirror this file if you can. We are currently creating mirrors as well. We are pretty sure this file contains everything, but we all have stuff scattered all over so if we find more we will update the link. In order to get this information and ZIP out as soon as possible, this site is not fully complete. It takes sometime to upload each file to categorize them. Thank You!

***UPDATE*** We have moved the link to the collective document download to the /Research page. Sorry for any confusion of it being placed in the wrong area. I hope this clears things up for everybody. 

There have been many rumors floating around that these this download contains a virus, trojan, rootkit, backdoor, whatever you want to call it. That is entirely incorrect and has absolutely no truth behind it. If anyone has solid proof that it is indeed infected, please let us know and we will correct the problem. But until then, the fail stands. Also, many people are complaining that the PDF file is suspicious due to the many well-known PDF exploits. Again, this is NOT true. If you do not wish to view the PDF file, that is your decision. 

>>> Here is the link for everything.  <<< 





Word Documents

PDF Files

Notes & Others


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August 17, 2011 at 02:20

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